New NVMe specifications for Computational Storage have been standardized. See here for details.

(Posted Dec 20, 2023)

   Recently, we have announced NVMeVirt, a versatile software-defined virtual NVMe device. NVMeVirt can be used for any storage systems research based on Conventional SSD, ZNS SSDs, and KV SSDs. It is publicly available at

(Posted Mar 1, 2023)

   Welcome to the brand new OpenSSD Project homepage!

(Posted Jun 1, 2022)

About the OpenSSD Project

The OpenSSD Project was started in 2011 as an initiative to promote research and education on the recent SSD (Solid State Drive) technology by providing the first Jasmine OpenSSD platform on which open source SSD firmware can be developed. Later, PCIe-based Cosmos/Cosmos+ platforms are also added. These OpenSSD platforms are still being actively used in many academic institutions. As of June 2022, we have renewed the homepage hoping that this site will be a forum to share various simulators, tools, traces, etc. not only for the conventional SSDs but also for the emerging storage devices such as KVSSD, ZNS SSD, and Computational Storage (CSX). This site is being maintained by Systems Software and Architecture Lab. at Seoul National University under the support from the SW STAR Lab. project.