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The OpenSSD Project is an initiative to promote research and education on the recent SSD (Solid State Drive) technology by providing easy access to OpenSSD platforms on which open source SSD firmware can be developed. Currently, we offer an OpenSSD platform based on the commercially successful BarefootTM controller from Indilinx Co., Ltd. This site is also intended to be a forum to share various simulators, tools, and workload generators and traces related to SSDs, among researchers in academia and industry.


OpenSSD Platforms

New!!! Cosmos OpenSSD Platform

The Cosmos Platform is a PCIe-based SSD platform based on the HYU Tiger3 controller. The HYU Tiger3 controller is developed by ENC (Embedded and Network Computing) Lab. led by Prof. Yong Ho Song at Hanyang University, Korea. For further details on the Cosmos Platform, please refer to the following material presented at Flash Memory Summit 2014. The Cosmos Platform will be available for purchase at Q4/2014.

Jasmine OpenSSD Platform

The Indilinx Jasmine Platform is the Indilinx's reference implementation of SSD based on the BarefootTM controller. The Indilinx's BarefootTM controller is an ARM-based SATA controller used in numerous high-performance SSDs such as Corsair Memory's Extreme/Nova, Crucial Technology's M225, G.Skill's Falcon, A-RAM's Pro series, OCZ's Vertex/Vertex Turbo/Agility/Solid II, Patriot Memory's Torqx/Koi, RunCore's IV, SuperTanlent's Ultradrive ME/GX, etc.[1] For more information on the Indilinx Jasmine Platform, please visit the following pages:

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News and Updates
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Jasmine firmware v.1.0.6 released 02894 Jun 25th 1:03 pm - Lsfeel0204
Barefoot SSD controller technical reference manual (in English) released 14264 Jun 19th 1:03 am - Jinsoo
Jasmine firmware v.1.0.5 released 02692 Jun 1st 6:20 am - Lsfeel0204
Sourcery G++ Lite 2011.03-42 for ARM EABI released 07553 May 21st 12:16 am - Jinsoo

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This project is sponsored by Indilinx Co., Ltd.. We are seeking other SSD manufacturers or research groups to participate in our OpenSSD activities. Please contact for further details. This homepage is being maintained by Computer Systems Laboratory at Sungkyunkwan University.

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