GreedyFTL may miss the last half part of p2l list

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The p2l list is stored in the last page of the block. However, only 1 sector is used to store the p2l list.

For some Flash chips, PAGES_PER_BLK is 256, so p2l list's size is 1024 bytes (4*256=1024), it requires 2 sectors to store the p2l list.

The following code works when PAGES_PER_BLK is 128 or smaller, but it will lead to p2l list lost when PAGES_PER_BLK is 256 or larger.


       mem_copy(FTL_BUF(bank), g_misc_meta[bank].lpn_list_of_cur_vblock, sizeof(UINT32) * PAGES_PER_BLK);
nand_page_ptprogram(bank, vblock, PAGES_PER_BLK - 1, 0, 1, FTL_BUF(bank));


   // 1. load p2l list from last page offset of victim block (4B x PAGES_PER_BLK)
nand_page_ptread(bank, vt_vblock, PAGES_PER_BLK - 1, 0, 1, FTL_BUF(bank), RETURN_WHEN_DONE);

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