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Jasmine Platform exposes several pins to measure power consumption including CPU, SDRAM and NAND, however, there is no detail descriptions which pin is exposed for which component.

Please let me know how to measure power consumption using these pins.

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Current measurement
You can find the information from Jasmine board schematic.
J10 thru J15 are the jumpers for current measurement.
If you search VDD33NAND from the PDF file, for example, you will see that VDD33NAND_H is the output of the power supply chip, and that VDD33NAND is the input to all the NAND modules. So you can use J11 in order to measure NAND power consumption.

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According to Hyunmo's instructions, this is what I've found:

J10: VDD33G  ; LEDs, GPIOs, UART, etc.

J11: VDD33NAND  ; NAND modules

J12: VDD33  ; Barefoot controller

J13: VDD10  ; Barefoot controller


J15: VDD18  ; Barefoot controller, Oscillator

As you can see, the Barefoot controller requires VDD33, VDD10, and VDD18.
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power consumption
Jasmine Platform exposed several pins to measure power consumption including barefoot controller(J12),NAND modules(J11) and SDRAM(J14),when i transfered files to the OpenSSD i measured the variation of current and voltage(by Tektronix TDS2022C)in these pins, but i didn't noticed any variation for both,i didn't know the problem !!
please tell me how can i measure power openSSd plateform's consumption!

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