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The Indilinx Jasmine Platform is a reference implementation of SSD based on the Indilinx's BarefootTM controller.

Hardware Specification


The Jasmine evaluation board consists of the following components:

  • Indilinx BarefootTM SSD controller
  • ARM7TDMI-S core running at up to 87.5MHz
  • 96KB internal SRAM
  • SATA 2.0 host interface (3Gbps) with NCQ support
  • Mobile SDRAM controller up to 64MB (running at up to 175MHz)
  • NAND flash BCH 8/12/16 bit correction per sector
  • SDRAM Reed Solomon 2 byte correction per 128 + 4 byte
  • NAND flash controller up to 64 CE's (4 channels, 16 bits/channel, 8 banks/channel)
  • Separate DRAM access bus for transferring data between NAND flash memory and DRAM buffer
  • Supports various NAND flash memory chips from different vendors such as Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba, Micron, etc.
  • Specialized hardware for buffer management, flash control, and memory utility functions
  • Debugging/monitoring aids:
  • JTAG
  • UART
  • 1 LED and 6 GPIO pins
  • Mictor connector to NAND flash signals for logic analyzer
  • Separate current measurement points for core, I/O, SDRAM, and NAND
  • Mobile SDRAM
  • 64MB from Samsung (subject to change)
  • 8 NAND flash memory slots
  • 64GB from Samsung (subject to change) in two NAND flash modules
  • Each flash module has four 8GB NAND packages (Samsung K9LCG08U1M, 35nm asynchronous mode MLC NAND)
  • Each package has two 4GB dies with two CE signals (Dual Die Package)


The software package for the Jasmine Platform consists of:

  • Basic firmware source code for interfacing with SATA controller and Flash controller (from Indilinx)
  • Source codes of three sample FTLs (TutorialFTL, GreedyFTL, and DummyFTL)
  • LLD (Low-Level Driver) library (from VLDB Lab. at Sungkyunkwan University)


The following institutions are currently using the Jasmine OpenSSD platform for their research and education projects:

  • Sungkyunkwan University (Prof. Jin-Soo Kim, Prof. Sang-Won Lee, Prof. Dongkun Shin)
  • Hanyang University (Prof. Youjip Won, Prof. Jaehyuck Cha, Prof. Yong Ho Song, Prof. Hyunok Oh, Prof. Dong-Ho Lee)
  • Ajou University (Prof. Tae-Sun Chung)
  • Hongik University (Prof. Sam H. Noh)
  • Korea University (Prof. Sung Roh Yoon)
  • Kwangwoon University (Prof. Tae-Seok Kim)
  • Pohang University of Science and Technology (Prof. Sungjoo Yoo)
  • Soongsil University (Prof. Dong-Joo Park)
  • University of Seoul (Prof. Donghee Lee)
  • RecoverMyFlashDrive.com (Jeremy Brock)

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