ICE3028 Final report template (Spring 2012)

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Please copy this page to make your own final report...


Project Information

  • Project title:
  • Team members:


What are you going to do? What's your final goal?


Why are you doing this?

Design and Implementation

Overall architecture

Summarize here what you've implemented, hopefully with a block diagram

  • How to insert a figure in your report:
    • Prepare your figure in .png format
    • Use the Upload file menu in the sidebar to upload your image file
    • Reference it with [[File:filename.png]]
    • Example: Openssd-logo-jmkim.png

Main data structures

Describe here about main data structures you've used for mapping, etc. (with figures)

Handling writes

Explain what happens for a write request..

Handling reads

Explain what happens for a read request..

(Make your own title here if needed)

New algorithms? New policies?

Other information

What was most difficult to implement?

What is changed compared to the original paper?

What has NOT been implemented?

Describe other miscellaneous information..



What workloads did you use?

What's the configuration for each workload?

Evaluation methodology

How did you test your FTL?

What is the initial condition of the FTL?

What is the amount of log blocks?

What did you measure? How did you measure them?


Graphs here... For each graph, discuss the results.. what is the overall trend? What's unusual?


What did you find out? Any other comments?


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